That the Assembly

1. determine that any person who is Staff of the Assembly or of any of its agencies is ineligible for election to the Standing Committee. If a member of the Standing Committee accepts appointment as Staff of the Assembly or of any of its agencies then that member shall no longer be a member of the Standing Committee; and

2. that staff means a person who has a direct reporting line or accountability to the General Secretary or Associate General Secretary, or who is a member of the team or support staff who has a direct reporting line to that person;

As it has undertaken a process of continuous improvement in the area of governance the Standing Committee has given particular attention to the area of conflict of interest and how to handle it. The Standing Committee has come to the view that the best and most appropriate way to handle the conflicts of interest that arise when a staff member is on the Assembly Standing Committee is for the person to cease to be a member.

While some conflicts of interest can be managed by a person being excluded from the meeting during certain items of business the view of the Standing Committee is that in this situation conflicts are so pervasive that this is not an option. Areas where conflict of interest is obvious include, but are not limited to, participating in the review and appointment of other staff, involvement in setting strategy and priorities including budget decisions, exercising a governance role in relation to one’s own area of work and the work of colleagues, and the ways in which the person’s colleagues may be affected in their relationship with the staff person when that person has a place of influence and possibly privilege that they do not have.