Please note that proposals below are not necessarily in their final agreed form. Formal minutes of the 14th Assembly will be published as soon as practicable. 

Further coverage on the marriage discussion: http://assembly2015.uca.org.au/culturally-appropriate-marriage-discussion-to-continue/

That the Assembly

1. receive the report on ‘The theology of marriage and same gender relationships within the Uniting Church’;

2. affirm that Ministers continue to be free to accept or refuse requests to celebrate marriages within the constraints of the Marriage Act 1961 (CTH);

3. request the Standing Committee to explore how the UAICC and CALD communities can engage in further discussions about marriage and same-gender issues in culturally appropriate ways; and

4. request the Standing Committee to:

(a) establish a Task Group to investigate the implications of changing the Church’s current relationship with the Commonwealth Government with respect to the conduct of marriages;

(b) set appropriate Terms of Reference for this work, allowing for an exploration of the possibilities that this work may be undertaken in consultation with our ecumenical partners; and

(c) report, with appropriate recommendations, to the Fifteenth Assembly.