26. MINISTRY OF PASTOR (Standing Committee)

That the Assembly

authorise the Standing Committee, on advice from the Legal Reference Committee, to

1. (a) delete Regulations 2.3.3.a(ii) and 2.3.3(c)


2.3.3 (a) A person may make application for the ministry of Pastor by:
(ii) offering to serve the Church in an approved placement, through a written application to the Synod.
(c) A Synod body designated by the Synod shall have responsibility for considering and determining applications made under Regulation 2.3.3 (a)(ii). The procedures to be followed by the Synod body shall be approved by the Synod and shall include:
(i) requests for confidential testimonials from an appropriate Minister, and the Church Council of the applicant’s Congregation;
(ii) an interview with the applicant;
(iii) consideration of the applicant’s:
(1) gifts and graces appropriate to the ministry of Pastor;
(2) spiritual maturity and sense of call;
(3) capacity for exercising this ministry and perceived potential to meet the required competencies for the ministry of Pastor;
(4) personality and character; and
(5) willingness to accept the doctrine, polity and discipline of the Church.
and to make any other consequential amendments; and
(b) remove the requirement of membership for a period of 12months under Regulation 2.4.6(a) and replace it with a requirement of membership for no required period of time.