That the Assembly

place on record its appreciation for the contribution to the life of the Uniting Church in Australia by Rev Dr David Pitman during his term as Convenor of the Worship Working Group (May 2010 – July 2015).

David has been a faithful, pro-active and hard-working convenor. There have been special requests, initiatives taken by the Working Group, and the ongoing need to add to, revise and update services. Under David’s leadership teaching resources, produced as DVDs, have been prepared on: ‘The Prayers of the People’, ‘A Guide to Worship for the People of God’ and ‘Holy Communion’. These resources have been readily picked up across the Uniting Church. The ‘Calendar of Other Commemorations’ in Uniting in Worship 2 now has brief biographies for many of the people listed and is continually being added to and posted on the Worship Resources section of the Assembly website. Resources were developed in relation to the new Preamble to the Constitution and when the ‘Destiny Together’ vigil was held. David was a key person in putting together these worship resources. He has similarly found or provided other worship resources for different occasions.

Arising from his background in teaching at Trinity Theological College in Brisbane, David was concerned about the teaching of worship and preaching across the Uniting Church. Information was sought and a Colloquium proposed. This was David’s initiative and he saw it through. A very helpful Colloquium was held in Adelaide in December 2014. It included people from each synod involved in teaching at their college or involved in lay education. The outcome of the Colloquium will influence the agenda of the Working Group into the next triennium.

During his time as Convenor, David was a member of the Australian Consultation on Liturgy and has served as its president. He has brought wisdom and experience to the role of convenor having been twice the Moderator of the Queensland synod. Members of the working group have valued the gracious and careful way he has dealt with matters and followed up on meetings. He has been a valued member of the Convenors Group in listening to and acknowledging the alternate voices, offering encouragement and sharing his wisdom. We are grateful for the service he has given to the Uniting Church in this role.