That the Assembly

acknowledge with deep appreciation the outstanding contribution made by Rev Dr Kerry Enright to UnitingWorld and to the work of international mission across the Uniting Church in Australia and to our overseas partners, as National Director for UnitingWorld.

Since Kerry began as the National Director for UnitingWorld in 2006 he has brought considerable energy and vitality to the position. UnitingWorld is a very different place to what it was when Kerry began.

Kerry oversaw the production of theology of mission and theology of development papers that were able to clarify and focus the work of the agency.

Organisationally Kerry oversaw the bringing together of the different areas of work within the Agency under the UnitingWorld name. He was able to grow a professional and passionate team, that worked together with a strong focus and clarity.

Kerry introduced strong governance and management disciplines with an emphasis on effectiveness and collaboration. These changes positioned the Agency well, building a place for UnitingWorld alongside both Christian and secular organisations working internationally and lead to Relief and Development Unit achieving full reaccreditation with the Australian Government.
Kerry’s leadership extended to strong contributions through the Australian Council for International Development and the Church Agencies Network, taking up significant leadership roles in both.

Kerry played a significant leadership role in relationships with our partners beyond Australia. Kerry’s considerable experience and expertise in the Pacific lead to important engagement in Fiji in particular, and with regional bodies including the Pacific Conference of Churches and the Methodist Consultative Committee of the Pacific. He was integral in establishing a partnership with the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan and expanding the Uniting Church’s engagement with the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.

Kerry left UnitingWorld in April 2014 to take up a congregational ministry placement within the Presbyterian Church or Aotearoa New Zealand.

For his energy, enthusiasm and passion for justice for the people whom UnitingWorld serves, and the discipline and commitment he brought to the role, the church owes Kerry its deep respect and gratitude.