That the Assembly

acknowledge with deep appreciation the valuable contribution made by Dr Sureka Goringe to UnitingWorld and the Uniting Church in Australia, as Chairperson of the UnitingWorld Relief and Development National Committee.

Sureka served as chairperson from August 2012 until November 2014, having previously served as a member of the National Committee since September 2009. During her period of service, the National Committee oversaw major developments within UnitingWorld, including an increase in the clarity and focus of development projects, growth in donations, maintenance of significant Government grants, achieving reaccreditation with the Australian Government, a comprehensive review of governance policies and procedures, a process leading to the development of a new Strategic Plan and also the recruitment of a new National Director.

Sureka’s abilities as a chairperson led to a more strategic and structured approach to meetings. She brought strong organisational experience, attention to detail and conscientiousness that were very highly valued.

A member of the Uniting Church herself, Sureka was a significant advocate for the work of UnitingWorld within the Uniting Church. She also regularly represented the Agency in wider sector forums including within the Australian Council for International Development.

Sureka stepped down from the role of Chairperson of the National Committee to take up the role of Associate Director for Church Connections. This is a significant leadership role within the Church Connections Unit of UnitingWorld. Whilst no longer directly involved in UnitingWorld Relief and Development National Committee, Sureka continues to provide strong and visionary leadership in UnitingWorld through this new role.

The church expresses our thanks and gratitude to Sureka for her leadership and work as the Chairperson of the UnitingWorld Relief and Development National Committee.