That the Assembly

authorise the Standing Committee, on advice from the Legal Reference Committee, to
to amend Regulation (Duties of a Synod Secretary) to
(a) bring it into line with the Duties of the General Secretary of the Assembly (Regulation; and
(b) not be inconsistent with the current Regulation


Currently the Regulations for the Secretary of a Synod are different to those of the General Secretary of the Assembly. The key differences are that references to:
• being the executive officer;
• providing general leadership;
• ensuring execution of policy;
• coordinating activities; and
• overseeing management of staff;
are not contained in the Synod Secretary list of duties, whereas they are contained in list of duties of the General Secretary of the Assembly.

The requested change would make the Synod General Secretary list of duties consistent with the list of duties of the Assembly General Secretary. The proposal also reflects the change in role of Synod General Secretary’s to a general leadership role with responsibility for policy execution, activity coordination and staff management.

The current Regulation is not altogether out of date and the roles be retained however there may be an opportunity at this time to represent them in a more helpful way.