That the Assembly

grant an exception to the requirement established by the Assembly Standing Committee through ASC minute 11.43.07 that proposals submitted for consideration at the triennial Assembly need to be lodged with the Assembly General Secretary no later than 90 days before to commencement date of the Assembly for Constitutional matters so that the 14th Assembly may give consideration to a proposal from the Northern Regional Council of Congress (NRCC) in relation to its support for a treaty.


In 2011 the Assembly Standing Committee determined that in order for the Assembly to be better prepared for its business that proposals on most matters should close a month before the Assembly meeting; and for Constitutional amendments 90 days before a meeting. This was seen as providing time for due consideration to be given to these important and often complex matters.

Proposal 65 arose from a meeting of the NRCC that was held on June 23rd. This meeting necessarily addressed the response of the NRCC members to reports on Constitutional Recognition and related matters that were being discussed in the Commonwealth Parliament at that time. The NRCC developed a view on how it wishes to proceed in relation to the matter of a treaty. The UAICC recognises that it is not possible for the triennial Assembly to spend the time necessary to consider this matter given the amount of notice that it has been possible to provide. The NRCC respects the need for the wider church to have time to think about this issue but also values, should it be possible, the support of the Assembly in its quest for a treaty. Therefore the proposal only seeks that the matter be referred to the incoming Standing Committee so that further discussion can take place with the knowledge and support of the full Assembly.

If this proposal passes it will not affect the operation of the Standing Committee established timelines in future Assemblies. Its purpose is to allow the Assembly to express its willingness to hear more from the NRCC on this matter through the Assembly Standing Committee.