66. PALESTINE (Andrew Dutney, Felicity Amery)

This proposal replaces Proposal 57. Changes are underlined. The movers also wish to add additional paragraphs to the Rationale; to save paper the full rationale has not been reprinted.
That the Assembly
1. receive the requests from the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem, the Kairos Palestine movement and the World Council of Churches to act in response to the plight of the people of Palestine;
2. note the resolutions of the Assembly Standing Committee regarding Israel-Palestine in Standing Committee minute 11.33;
3. establish an awareness-raising campaign throughout the Church on the plight of Palestinian Christians and the Palestinian people, including promotion of the boycott of goods from the illegal settlements in the West Bank as part of the campaign;
4. request the Assembly Standing Committee:
(a) in partnership with other parts of the Church, including the Relations with other Faiths Working Group (RoFWG), and with other groups mentioned in Standing Committee minute 11.33.10 and with the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network, to arrange for the development of educational materials to resource the awareness-raising campaign and to enable members and congregations to determine their response;
(b) to receive any other requests for action from the World Council of Churches or Palestinian Christians over the next three years and determine the response of the Church;
(c) to support another Australian church leaders visit to Palestine and Israel in the next three years, arranged either ecumenically and / or for Uniting Church leaders;
(d) to report to the 15th Assembly on actions taken and outcomes achieved; and
5. convey these resolutions to the National Council of Churches in Australia with an invitation to respond.
Rationale (additional paragraphs – see Proposal 57 for remaining text)
At this time the issues of genuine religious encounter and creating a peaceful Australian society have never been so strongly posed for our nation and our churches. Christians who live in these challenging times are called to bear witness to their faith in various multifaith and multicultural contexts.
The Uniting Church has made various commitments to maintain relationships with other faith communities, including “To Live with a Neighbour Who is Different”, Assembly Theological Resource 2000, “Jews and Judaism: A Statement” 12th Assembly 2009 and “Friendship in the Presence of Difference: Christian Witness in Multifaith Australia”, 13th Assembly 2012.
Consultation with those from other faiths will be important in the development and distribution of educational resources for the campaign, as per Assembly Standing Committee minute (ASC 11.33.10)