That the Assembly associate the following persons with the Assembly for the business as listed, with the right to speak but not to vote:

1. ecumenical guests

(a) from other Australian churches and the National Council of Churches in Australia for the whole Assembly:

Major Grattan Savage, Salvation Army
Sr Elizabeth Delaney, National Council of Churches in Australia
Rev Greg Pfeiffer, Lutheran Church
Deacon Theodore Issa, Syrian Orthodox Church
Bishop Allan Ewing, Anglican Church
Mr Paul Martin, Society of Friends;

(b) from overseas churches and from international ecumenical bodies for the whole of the Assembly:

Rev Kan Baoping, China Christian Council
Bishop Pradeep Kumar Samantaroy, Church of North India
Rev Dr D R Sadananda, Church of South India
Rev Alberth Yoku, Evangelical Christian Church of Papua
Rev I Nengah Suama, Protestant Christian Church in Bali
Rev Samakul, Evangelical Church in Minahasa
Mr Wellem Nunuhitu, Evangelical Christian Church in Timor
Rev Dr John Ruhulessin, Protestant Church in Malaku
Rev Moises Da Silva, Protestant Church in Timor Leste
Rev Dr Albert Jebanesan, Methodist Church in Sri Lanka
Rev Sudu Tada, Presbyterian Church in Taiwan
Bishop Reuel Marigza, United Church of Christ in the Philippines
Rev Dr Iutisone Salevao, Congregational Christian Church of Samoa
Mr Uvenama Rova, United Church in Papua New Guinea
Rev Aifolia Poumale, Congregational Christian Church of Niue
Pastor Allan Nafuki, Presbyterian Church Vanuatu
Rev Kibaunimatang Robuti Rimon, Kiribati Uniting Church
Rev Amos Ndhlumbi, Methodist Church in Zimbabwe
Rev Peter Gai Lual, Presbyterian Church of South Sudan
Rev Bae Tae Jin, Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea
Rev Byung Ho Kim, Korean Christian Churches in Japan
Very Rev Andrew Norton, Presbyterian Church Aotearoa New Zealand
Rev Tovia Aumua, Methodist Church of New Zealand;

2. persons who will assist in resourcing the Assembly:

(a) for the whole of the Assembly:
Mr Jim Mein for Frontier Services
Mrs Lin Hatfield Dodds for UnitingCare Australia
Rev Elenie Poulos for UnitingJustice Australia
Mr Rob Floyd for UnitingWorld

(b) for specific business of the Assembly:
Mr Jim Mein for the Beneficiary Fund
Rev Murray Earl for Defence Force Chaplaincy
Mr Grahame Ryan for Frontier Services
Rev Dr Matthew Wilson for Relations with Other Faiths
Mr Robert Watson for UC Adult Fellowship
Rev Dr Chris Mostert for the Anglican – Uniting Church proposal
Mr Krikor Youmshajekian for the proposal on the Armenian Genocide