That the Assembly adopt the document Weaving a New Cloth as the basis for ecumenical co-operation with the Anglican Church of Australia.


The Anglican – Uniting Church dialogue has been in operation for over 20 years. During that time various documents have been produced which sought to identify the areas where there is agreement between the churches, where further conversation is needed and what practical co-operation might be possible. The last occasion on which the Assembly had a document from the Dialogue before it was in 2006 when it endorsed “For the Sake of the Gospel”. At that time the Anglican Church’s General Synod did not approve it. Not since 1986 has a proposed agreement between the two churches been signed.

In subsequent years the Dialogue has sought to find new opportunities for increased agreement and collaboration between the churches. The last Dialogue group considered that the most helpful thing to do at this time is to focus on local ecumenical cooperation, identifying where there is opportunity for hospitality, shared witness and shared ministry and mission. These areas have been documented in “Weaving a New Cloth” (Document C1A in the Assembly papers). The aim of the proposed agreement is to provide encouragement and guidance to Anglican Dioceses, Uniting Church Presbyteries and their Congregations on the ways in which, with their churches’ agreement, they have the freedom to work together.

The Anglican General Synod has adopted “Weaving a New Cloth” as the basis for co-operation with the Uniting Church in Australia. The Assembly Standing Committee strongly commends it to the 14th Assembly for adoption.

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