People At Assembly

Mr Stuart McMillan
Rev Terence Corkin
General Secretary
Mr Geoffrey Grinton
Business Manager


Rev Felicity Amery
Complaints Officer
(See Doc. H1)
Mobile: 0408 752 082
Rev Christine Bayliss Kelly
14th Assembly Chaplain
Mobile: 0409 925 607
Rev Grant Bilbey
14th Assembly Chaplain
Mobile: 0418 160 163


Mrs Isabel Thomas Dobson
President’s Chaplain
Mobile: 0418 349 896
Rev Dr Ji Zhang
President’s Chaplain
Mobile: 0409 020 319

Mr Zac Hatfield Dodds
President’s Chaplain
Mobile: 0439 639 752
The Assembly is made up of approximately 265 voting members who reflect the wide range and experience of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Appointments are based on a formula broadly representing the total membership of Synods – NSW and ACT (54), Northern (10), Qld (36), SA (34), Vic/Tas (58), and WA (20). Appointments must maintain an equal numbers of Ministers and lay members, and no fewer than one in every ten of the members shall be of a youthful age.

As part of the Synod allocation, presbyteries appoint at least two members each. The move of some Synods to a single presbytery model means some presbyteries appoint different numbers of members.

Ex-officio members include:

  • the President of the Assembly
  • the Assembly General Secretary
  • the ex-President of the Assembly
  • the President-elect of the Assembly
  • the Chairperson of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress
  • the National Administrator Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress

Sixteen members of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress of whom no more than eight shall be Ministers.

The Assembly may also co-opt additional members to ensure the overall number of ordained members does not exceed the number of lay members.

All members of the Uniting Church in Australia are welcome to attend any event or business session unless the meeting decides to hold a private sitting.

The life of the Triennial Assembly is enriched by the attendance of many visitors from overseas partner churches, and other international and Australian ecumenical visitors.

At the 13th Assembly in Adelaide in 2012, 35 leaders from overseas churches were in attendance, as were a number of ecumenical and interfaith guests.

These guests sit with the Assembly’s elected members in their table groups during proceedings so that they are fully welcomed into the life of the Assembly.