Please note that proposals below are not necessarily in their final agreed form. Formal minutes of the 14th Assembly will be published as soon as practicable. 

Further coverage on the marriage discussion: http://assembly2015.uca.org.au/culturally-appropriate-marriage-discussion-to-continue/

It was resolved to:

1. receive the report on ‘The theology of marriage and same gender relationships within the Uniting Church’;

2. request the Standing Committee, in consultation with the UAICC and Multicultural and Cross-cultural Ministry, to explore how the Uniting Church can engage in further discussions about marriage and same-gender relationships in culturally appropriate ways; and

3. request the Standing Committee address immediately, through appropriate mechanisms, the following work:

(a) to engage with the continuing work of the Doctrine Working Group as outlined in its report to the 14th Assembly;

(b) to engage with the members of the LGBTIQ community and the wider Church in discussions about marriage and same-gender relationships;

(c) in consultation with the relevant Assembly working groups, to prepare a report to the Fifteenth Assembly with appropriate recommendations, as well as supporting theological, liturgical, pastoral and educational resources; and

(d) in consultation with our ecumenical partners, where appropriate, to investigate the implications of changing the Church’s current relationship with the Commonwealth Government with respect to the conduct of marriages.

4. request the President to issue a pastoral letter to the Church affirming that the UCA seeks to be an inclusive Church that embraces LGBTIQ people as full members of our church community and is committed to active and culturally appropriate discussion about marriage; and

5. request the General Secretary, in the event that the Commonwealth Marriage Act or other relevant legislation, is changed, to write to all Uniting Church marriage celebrants, advising them of their freedoms and constraints under that legislation and as celebrants authorised by the Uniting Church.


Church partners have their say – Rev. James Bhagwan

Ni sa bula vinaka, no’ia’ea, malo’ileilei, talofa lava, mauri and g’day in all the other languages of the Pacific that make up one quarter of the world’s languages.

I pay my respects to the taukei ni vanua, the tangata whenua – the people of the land, to the first peoples, traditional people of this land.
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Hearts on fire as Assembly closes

The 14th Assembly has come to a close with a Holy Communion service led by President Stuart McMillan and Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress Chairperson Rev. Dennis Corowa.

Assembly members joined together to sing Hearts on Fire, the theme for the week.
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Culturally-appropriate marriage discussion to continue

The Assembly has committed to continue to engage in a culturally-appropriate conversation about marriage and same-gender relationships.

In addition to this conversation, the Assembly resolved to issue a pastoral letter to the Church affirming the Uniting Church as an inclusive church embracing those members who identify as LGBTIQ.

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Solidarity with Palestinian people

The Uniting Church will raise awareness of the plight of Palestinian Christians and the Palestinian people in response to a direct request to Uniting Church members who visited Jerusalem last September.

After the 14th Assembly accepted the Palestine Proposal on its final day of meeting, ex-President Rev. Prof. Andrew Dutney said he would personally convey the news to the Palestinian friends he had made during the National Ministers’ Conference.

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Congress ordination

The 14th Assembly bore witness tonight as two Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) chaplains Samuel Dinah and Robert Jetta were ordained by WA Moderator Rev. Steve Francis and Nyungar Elder Rev. Sealin Garlett.

Nigel Tapp was there.
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Standing united against community closures

The 14th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia has stood as one to oppose the forced closure of remote Aboriginal communities.

The symbolic action was the result of a heartfelt plea by a contingent of youthful members who pleaded with the Assembly to respond to the potential closures.

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Proposal on Palestine

Ex-President Rev. Prof. Andrew Dutney has introduced a proposal to establish an awareness-raising campaign throughout the Church on the plight of the Palestinian Christians and the Palestinian people.

The campaign will include promotion of the boycott of goods from illegal settlements in the West Bank.

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