Bible study – Day 6 – Last road to Emmaus

In the last Bible study of the 14th Assembly Dr Rosemary Dewerse asked the gathered members of Assembly to spend some time in silent contemplation of the Bible passage (Luke 24:13-35) that has been the theme of this week’s worship.

The passage was read in English and Chinese and Rosemary encouraged the gathered members to draw on their life experience and to contemplate the text through a multicultural lens.

Members were asked to consider the following questions:

  • What is the Spirit highlighting to you in this text? What is highlighted?
  • What is Christ inviting you to remember, be, do or change in your life and ministry?
  • What in this might Christ be saying to the Church, locally and nationally?

After sitting in silence the gathering was asked to turn to neighbours in their table groups and discuss their thoughts.

On completion of the final Bible Study, President Stuart McMillan thanked the Multicultural and Congress members who led the worship.

Dr Dewirse, Rev. Dr Emmanuel Audisho and Rev. Denise Champion were presented with gifts from Nungalinya College with Rev. Champion, who last month became the first female Aboriginal woman to be ordained in South Australia, receiving a new stole.