Brave new brand for UnitingCare

UnitingCare National Director Lin Hatfield Dodds has introduced Assembly members to a rebranding process being developed for UnitingCare.

Ms Hatfield Dodds said the UnitingCare network felt it was time to undertake a collective rebrand and logo refresh with a desire to deliver an industry leading logo that sets a new benchmark in the category of social services.

UnitingCare has engaged a creative agency to assist with the rebrand and invited a representative from the agency to speak about the process.

Awareness of UnitingCare and its logo is presently very low, particularly compared with the Salvation Army which has 80% unprompted awareness.

There is also a variety of different versions of UnitingCare brands and logos across Australia. Part of the desire for a simplified brand and logo is to deliver one logo which will demonstrate a clear sense of purpose about the work of UnitingCare in the community. It is envisioned that a unified brand will build and strengthen the advocacy of UnitingCare and attract new customers to its services such as aged care which now exists within a challenging and competitive environment. Ms Hatfield Dodds pointed out that the development of a new brand for UnitingCare is built on the premise of its work in social services as a ministry of the Uniting Church. It’s about the care and compassion for the people we are here to serve and how we make an impact by taking courageous action in service delivery, advocacy and social justice. The brand is more than a logo, it’s what stands behind it that makes the real difference.

There has been wide consultation within the UnitingCare network initially, with the view of determining the appetite and interest in developing a new national brand. This has included more than 60 agencies being involved to date, with 90% expressing a positive desire to embrace a new brand. There was a discussion by the Assembly  attendees around a number of challenges that may be faced, coupled with a number of positive responses to the proposed approach.

Ms Hatfield Dodds added that a number of individual Synods and Church leaders have been engaged in the process so far. And that this will continue over the coming months in the lead up to an additional meeting of the UnitingCare National Committee on 24 August which is being held to specifically consider a business case for a national rebrand.