Closing Eucharist – Rev. Dr Chris Budden


We gather to celebrate a week of worship, fellowship, hard work, and challenging glimpses of the transforming presence of God among us. We are to be fed for the journey home, scattered across the Australian landscape but bound together as a fellowship of the Holy Spirit called to confess Jesus as the beginning of a new creation.

Come let us worship God!

GREETING: Rev. Dennis Corowa

The Lord be with you.

And also with you.


SONG     “Hearts on Fire”



Short reading from Wali Fejo: Hayden Charles

Colossians 1: 15-20: Rev. Denise Champion


A SHORT TIME OF SILENT REFLECTION (2 minutes)                                 



Holy God of love,

you are the creator of this land and all good things.


We thank you for the survival of indigenous cultures across this land

and for the courage and resilience

of generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Our hope is in you:

you sent your son Jesus

to reconcile the world to you

and reconcile us with each other.


Give us the courage to

accept the realities of our history

that we may build a better future for our nation.


Teach us to respect all cultures.

Teach us to care for our land and waters.

Help us to justly share

the gifts of this land.

Help us to bring about spiritual and social change

to improve the quality of life

for all groups in our communities,

especially those who are disadvantaged.

Help our young people find true dignity

and self-esteem by your Spirit.


May your power and love be the foundations

on which we build our families,

our communities and our nation.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Prepared by the Wontulp Bi-Buya Indigenous Theology

Working Group, March 1997. Used with permission. Adapted


THE PEACE: Rev. Dennis Corowa

Peace be with you.

And also with you.  

A sign of peace is exchanged amongst those present



HOLY COMMUNION: Rev. Dennis Corowa and the President

Invitation: Rev. Dennis Corowa

Friends, this is the table of the incarnate, crucified and risen One,

the one who fed the hungry from the abundance of God,

who welcomed the outcast, the stranger, the morally dubious,

who died as a common criminal outside the city.


This table is an act of courage.

In the face of those who would deny God and God’s reign

it affirms the reality of the kingdom, the heavenly feast of God’s people,

and the promise of God’s future and God’s life.


Come and receive the gift of life.

Come because you love the Lord a little

and would like to love him more;

come, because he loves you

and gave himself for you.


Words of Institution: President

Luke makes it clear that Jesus gathered his disciples in secret.

He was a hunted man,

yet gathered to break bread and share wine with friends.


Jesus said to them,

“This broken bread is my body which is given for you.

Do this in memory of me.”

And as he passed them a cup he said,

“This cup is the new covenant sealed with my life and blood.

Whenever you share this, do it remembering me”.


Life has a new centre and a new beginning.


We come at this time to remember,

to tell the story of the One who brings LIFE,

to ask what this life we remember

means for us who are his followers,

and how we will live

in the light of the Word that was God

and the declaration that ‘Jesus is Lord’.


Prayer of Thanksgiving: Rev. Dennis Corowa                         

The Lord be with you.

And also with you.


Lift up your hearts.

We lift them to the Lord.


Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.

It is right to give our thanks and praise.


We bless you for this wide, red land,

and for its life-giving waters,

acknowledging that you have been present in this place

from the very beginning of creation,

sustaining the people, the land and all living creatures.


In another place you called Abraham to be the father of a people

who would be a light to others,

and you called the women with the courage to care for your nation.

You called prophets to remind the people of your story:

of creation, of covenant, of liberation, of new community and law,

of other nations who served You, and of stories gathered to be sacred scripture.


In the mystery of your time you entered into the life of the world in Jesus,

who healed, ate with sinners, welcomed outcasts, taught women, shared water with foreigners, criticised politicians and church leaders, fed the hungry,

and was obedient to death

so that we might see your reign.


You have called us to be the Church in this place,

to be a small glimpse of the life you intend for all.

We follow Jesus who stood for the poor, who created havoc in the temple,

who declared a jubilee time of equality and sharing of wealth.

We seek to be a just, inclusive community of the sisters and brothers of Christ.

We rejoice with all that you have made.


And so, in remembrance of all you have done for us,

we take this bread and this cup,

and proclaim Christ’s death and resurrection.


Send to us the Holy Spirit

that this meal may be holy

and your people may become one.

Unite us in faith, inspire us to love,

encourage us with hope,

that we may receive Christ

as he comes to us in this holy banquet.


We praise you, Almighty Father,

Through Christ your Son,

In the Holy Spirit.



The Lord’s Prayer                                                 

people are invited to pray in their language of choice


The Breaking of Bread

DENNIS takes the bread and breaks it in full view of the people and says


Christ is the bread of life,

food for healing and wholeness.


THE PRESIDENT lifts the cup in full view of the people and says


Christ is the cup of hope,

wellspring of resurrection life.


Dennis and the President hold out the bread and the cup to the people and says


The gifts of God for the people of God.


The Distribution

distribution will be via intincture with grape juice only at six distribution points


Prayer after Communion: Rev. Dennis Corowa                         

Let us pray.

Lord Jesus Christ

You have put your life in our hands,

Now we put our lives in yours.


Take us,

Shake us,

Remake us in the image of Christ.


Enable us to live as a reconciling community,

a people who love and follow Jesus.



SONG                       Beauty for brokenness


Beauty for brokenness,

hope for despair,

Lord, in the suffering,

this is our prayer.

Bread for the children,

justice, joy, peace,

sunrise to sunset

your kingdom increase.


Shelter for fragile lives,

cures for their ills,

work for the craftsmen,

trade for their skills;

land for the dispossessed,

rights for the weak;

voices to plead the cause

of those who can’t speak.



God of the poor,

friend of the weak,

give us compassion we pray;

melt our cold hearts,

let tears fall like rain.

Come change our love

from a spark to a flame.


Refuge from cruel wars,

havens from fear,

cities for sanctuary,

freedoms to share,

peace to the killing-fields,

scorched earth to green;

Christ for the bitterness,

his cross for the pain.


Rest for the ravaged earth,

oceans and streams,

plundered and poisoned,

our future, our dreams.

Lord, end our madness,

carelessness, greed;

make us content with

the things that we need.



Lighten our darkness,

breathe on this flame

until your justice burns

brightly again;

until the nations

learn of your ways,

seek your salvation

and bring you their praise.



Words and Music by Graham Kendrick



People of God,

go from here to live out the covenant into which we,

the First and Second Peoples of this land,

have entered with one another.

Confront and challenge injustice wherever you see it.

Act justly yourselves and insist that others do the same.

Rejoice in the richness of our diverse cultures and learn from them.

Celebrate and demonstrate the unity we share in Jesus our Lord.

Commit to worship, witness and serve as one people under God.


BLESSING: Rev. Dennis Corowa 

The love of God enfold you,

the wisdom of Christ enlighten you,

and the fire of the Spirit inflame you;

and may the blessing of the holy triune God

rest upon you and abide with,

now and evermore. Amen.

Liturgy is a slightly amended form of the one used in Canberra for Destiny Together.

Songs reproduced under licence CCLI number 364006

A Prayer for Reconciliation Prepared by the Wontulp Bi-Buya Indigenous Theology Working Group, March 1997. Used with permission. Adapted.