First steps on the road to Emmaus

Members of the 14th Assembly have been encouraged to remember Christ as they go about their deliberations over the next five days.

Delivering this morning’s Bible study, Rev. Denise Champion – the first Aboriginal woman to be ordained in South Australia – was guided by Luke 24:13-35.

Reflections from this text will also form the basis of Bible studies to be held on Wednesday and Thursday.

The passage shares the story of two travellers on the road to Emmaus. They were joined by Jesus, unrecognised by them at the time, and they discussed his death and resurrection while Jesus taught them about himself through scripture.

Jesus made himself known to them through the breaking of bread after they invited him to join them for the evening. They hurried back to Jerusalem to share their story with the 11 remaining disciples.

Rev. Champion said there were times when we also struggle to recognise the role of Christ in our lives.

“It might be just the business of life comes in and crowds things…but we are not on our own… God jogs our memory and brings Christ back into our memory.”

Rev. Champion said the word of God was highly flammable “and one tiny spark of faith is all that is needed to set it ablaze.

“When we forget [God], the embers die down [and] we need the Spirit to breathe us back to life again.”