Hearts on fire as Assembly closes

The 14th Assembly has come to a close with a Holy Communion service led by President Stuart McMillan and Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress Chairperson Rev. Dennis Corowa.

Assembly members joined together to sing Hearts on Fire, the theme for the week.

Rev. Denise Champion read 1 Colossians 15-20 and a prayer for reconciliation was made.

“Holy God of love, you are the creator of all things … you sent your son to reconcile us to you and to reconcile us to each other.”

Assembly members passed the peace before sharing communion.

“Come and receive the gift of life. Come because you love the Lord a little and would like to love him more,” said Rev. Corowa.

Mr McMillan sent the members of Assembly into the next triennium with a charge to continue the process of reconciliation between all people.

“People of God, go forth from here to live out the covenant that we the First and Second peoples of this land have entered into with one another,” he said.

“Rejoice in the richness of our diverse cultures and learn from them.

“Celebrate the unity we have in Jesus.”

The next Assembly will be held in Melbourne in 2018.