14th Assembly Nomination Form

No more than 80 words, to cover the nominee's personal and church experience relevant to the position, qualifications and if under 25 years of age. Please note that marital status, age and number of children are not relevant criteria.
Please attach a document from the nominee indicating consent to be nominated and support of two nominators.


Nominators must obtain the consent of nominees.
Details of your nomination will be automatically to the Returning Officer and the Assembly General Secretary.
Nominations close at the end of Session 11, 5.30pm Tuesday 14 July 2015.

All persons nominating for the ASC MUST READ below and agree. *


Regulation The Standing Committee shall:

  • (i) transact such business as may be referred to it by the Assembly and such other business as may be required or be desirable to be done on behalf of the Assembly between meetings of the Assembly, except such as may be precluded by the Assembly;
  • (ii) in order to assist the Assembly in its discernment, at least ten months prior to an Assembly meeting, advise the Church on the challenges and issues which may be faced by the President and the Assembly in the seven subsequent years;
  • (iii) offer guidance to the President on priorities to be pursued, and the way in which the responsibilities named in Regulation may be exercised, taking into account the particular gifts and graces of the President;
  • (iv) report its decisions to Synods, Presbyteries and the next meeting of the Assembly.

The majority of the work of the ASC involves oversight of Assembly Agencies; responding to changing legislative environments; identifying and responding to developing issues in the life of the church; developing regulations and policies for the church; and exercising governance responsibilities in relation to finance, risk and senior staff appointments. Alongside this sits the role of fulfilling the Constitutional responsibilities of the Assembly between meetings of the Assembly; encouraging and fostering the life and character of the church though giving attention to the Covenant with the UAICC; attending to issues of importance to the Church’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities; and attending to the UCA’s ecumenical relationships. Dealing with referrals from the Assembly is only a small part of the role.

In order to grasp the significance, breadth and demanding range of tasks that fall to the ASC see report B4.


  • Attend all three meetings a year of the ASC from Friday evening until 4.00pm Sunday.
  • Be willing to participate as a member of a number of working groups during the triennium.
  • Engage with the business in a well prepared manner.
  • Be prayerful and participate with a desire to discern the will of Christ for his church.
  • Participate in ways that are collaborative, collegial and respectful of others.
  • To be a member of the Assembly corporate vehicle- UCA Assembly Ltd


  • Dinner with the members of the new ASC on Friday evening July 17th as part of your induction.
  • Receive an induction pack with key documents and other information while at the Assembly.
  • A skills matrix for you to identify specific skills you bring to the ASC.
  • A mentor/guide from an experienced ASC member; if you want one. Or the chance to mentor.
  • Lots of stimulating, wide ranging, stretching and at times demanding work.
  • A chance to lead, grow and offer your gifts in the service of the church.
  • Meetings in Sydney from August 28 – 30 and November 13 -15. Keep these dates free now.


No one member of the Standing Committee is expected to have capacities in all the areas of skill and character that are identified in the following lists. However across all the membership these are the attributes and skills that will best enable the ASC to fulfil its diverse and demanding role.

Members of Assembly voting for members of the Assembly are encouraged to have these things in mind when they exercise their role in establishing the next Assembly Standing Committee.

Expertise in Church matters

  • Understanding of the context of the church today (e.g. the church’s cultural, linguistic and theological diversity
  • Understanding and experience of the polity of the UCA
  • Understanding and experience in thinking missionally
  • Understanding and experience in thinking / reflecting theologically
  • Able to hold together a holistic understanding of the nature of God’s mission

Expertise in business

  • Corporate Governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Finance, Accounting, Investment
  • Risk Management
  • Legal Compliance
  • Communication
  • Understanding of the difference between Governance and Management

Personal qualities

  • Willing to do significant work
  • Ability to receive and assimilate information quickly
  • Flexible & adaptable
  • Sound / balanced judgment
  • Comfortable with change (some would express this as say ‘comfortable with ambiguity’)
  • Willingness / capacity to ask discerning questions – articulate
  • Discernment


  • Relevant things to include are your faith journey, skills appropriate for the work of the ASC, relevant experience in the church and community, and professional qualifications.
  • A comment on what contribution the nominee can make to ASC.
  • Not relevant is age (apart from whether under 25), marital status and number of children.
  • Dot points are an acceptable way to present the information.
  • Current ASC members can answer questions that you may have (See Document B4 for their names). Or you can make contact with your Synod Secretary.
  • You are also encouraged to complete the Expressions of Interest form provided with these papers to indicate which referrals coming to the ASC you are interested in working on.

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