President’s final blessing

14th Assembly Closing Worship, 18th July

Rev. Dennis Corowa: Lord Jesus Christ. You have put your life in our hands. Now we have put our lives in yours. Take us, shake us, remake us in the image of Christ. Enable us to live as a reconciling community, a people who love and follow Jesus.

Stuart McMillan: Amen.

Song – Beauty for Brokenness (Music and words – Graham Kendrick)

Stuart McMillan:

People of God,

Go forth from here to live out the covenant in which we the First and Second Peoples of this land have entered into with one another.

Confront and challenge injustice wherever you see it. Act justly yourselves and insist that others do the same. Rejoice in the richness of our diverse cultures and learn from them. Celebrate and demonstrate the unity we share in Jesus our Lord. Commit to worship and witness and serve, as one people under God.

Blessing, Rev. Dennis Corowa:

The love of God enfold you, the wisdom of Christ enlighten you, the fire of the Spirit enflame you, and may the blessing of the holy triune God rest upon you and abide with you now and forever more.


Stuart: We stand… do we stand adjourned? Where’s the Business Manager? (laughs) I think we adjourn until the Assembly in 2018. Thank you