Proposal on Palestine

Ex-President Rev. Prof. Andrew Dutney has introduced a proposal to establish an awareness-raising campaign throughout the Church on the plight of the Palestinian Christians and the Palestinian people.

The campaign will include promotion of the boycott of goods from illegal settlements in the West Bank.

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Retiring President’s Report – Rev. Prof Andrew Dutney

Shortly before the 13th Assembly I was having coffee with an old friend and colleague at Flinders University. She’s a space archaeologist. Yes, that’s a thing – and she’s a world leader in the field. I was trying to explain to her what I’d be doing for the next three years as President of the Assembly. When I got to the part where I told her I was the 13th President and that eight of my predecessors were still alive she finally got excited for me: “There’s only nine of you? In the world? That’s like being an astronaut!”

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Giving thanks for God’s calling on the church

In his moving retiring address, ex-President Rev. Prof. Andrew Dutney spoke joyfully of the direction of the Uniting Church in Australia into the future, receiving a standing ovation from members of the 14th Triennial Assembly.

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