Welcome to ASC

Congratulations to the incoming members of the 14th Assembly Standing Committee whose election was announced this afternoon.

They are:

Hayden Charles (UAICC)
Akesa Racava (MCCM)
Rev. Lindsay Cullen (NSW/ACT)
Zac Hatfield Dodds (NSW/ACT)
Rev. Hailoti Kailahi (NSW/ACT)
Jacki Watts (NSW/ACT)
Rev. John Cox (Qld)
Elaine Rae (Qld)
Bethany Broadstock (VicTas)
Isabel Thomas Dobson (VicTas)
Rev. Denice Liersch (VicTas)
Wendie Wilkie (VicTas)
Geoffrey Grinton (VicTas)
Rev. Amelia Koh-Butler (SA)
Rev. Dr Ian Price (SA)
Felicity Amery (Northern)
Alison Atkinson-Philiips (WA)
Rev. Dr Ian Tozer (WA)